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                              Professional packaging of hand tools



                                How could be a professional screwdriver even better ?                      





Yes, we know the answer and we offer you the solution:

With the TOOL-HANGER !




We develope TOOL-HANGERS for hand tools for DIY stores. Our Product range is very wide and it is result of more than 25 years of our own development.




Because originality, development, production, quality and satisfaction of our customers are base on which we build our future, which we like to share with others already today, we ssupport many projects in Soca Valley and this year we are very active again.



We have been also supporters of some Slovenians on RAAM-Race Across America for many years.


To realize new ideas is our challenge. Some information about new ideas, which are already in the execution phase you find in Project folder.



More questions ?     "Unsolved" problem ?   We are at your disposal !